As with any layout, the number of engines needed seems vastly dwarfed by the number of engines owned!

Here is an illustrated list of locos currently available to run on the T.M.L.R. As Usual click on any photo to enlarge. I will try to write a small summary for each loco. As yet the loco’s are all un-numbered and un-named, as I havent decided whether numbering them is a better idea than naming them, mainly because I would run out of names soon enough!

Barclay 0-6-0 with small tender. This loco is a P Windle special, running on a new Roco DCC ready chassis, fitted with standard Roco DCC 6 pin chip. Very smooth runner, with impressive Hauling power. This loco is mainly used for stopping freight duties, due to its excellent ability to perform well over point frogs while shunting.


Barclay 0-6-0 with larger tender. Same as above, only with a bogie tender, to provide a bit of variety.  i am becoming a huge fan of these chassis!


Bagnal 0-6-0 from the ever popular GEM kit. The only white metal kit to run on this railway, bought second hand i am lucky enough to know the modeller who made this Kit, Russel from Shipley and wakefield MRS. a wonderfully built loco which due to its weight performs well at slow speeds.

Drewry Railbus. built by P Windle, i picked this up at an exhibition for just over £25.  Our first 009 locomotive, runs like a dream with a Bachmann chassis underneath, awaiting chipping this month.


Hunslet 0-4-2 tank, built by Paul Windle using an N-Drive chassis. very easy to chip, using the new Gaugemaster mini 4 function chip, with plenty of room in the cab to fit. although a smooth runner can be a little unreliable if the motor is cold. First attempt at weighting this loco have proved unsuccessful, due to be re-weighted before the debut show in sep 2012


Hunslet 0-4-2 Same as the sister loco, this runs well, but needs more weight to ensure contacts are working more reliably.


Barcley-esc 4-6-0 known as the Green Dragon. Built by Paul around a new GF 08 chassis, this engine struggles with pick-up’s due to bad them being too flimsy, and can easily come away from the wheel backs. Pick-ups due to be replaced before show, to avoid this making its first appearance in the loco fitters shed! Chassis may be replaced now rumours of GF producing a DCC ready 08 chassis with reliable pick-ups!


Joan again again again. This 0-4-4 runs on an N Drive chassis, using a Gaugemaster chip. once again needs more weight, runs reliably at all speeds, but quite loud when running through the layout!


This loco is my favourite small loco of the fleet. Running on a long(ish) N Drive 0-4-0 chassis this engine performs superbly at all speeds over pointwork. Now fitted with a Gaugemaster mini 4 function chip this engine will be seen hauling both local passenger trains and through goods trains. Built as a one off by Paul, this boxey little engine is one of the best performers of the fleet, and one of the nicest lookers too!


2-6-0 with large tender. Paul built this loco to run on a lifelike chassis, giving it a large tender cab, and a front pony wheel. These chassis perform very well over pointwork and run at slow speeds very well. This engine is normally pulling one of the larger passenger trains on the layout, and has quite a wide loading gauge.


This 0-6-0 also runs on the lifelike chassis, although designed for smaller work, intermediate freight and mixed trains, with a small tender cab this loco runs well, and normally features on lighter workings of the line. i think this loco was an adaptation from the norm by Paul, destined to be chipped before soon this oil burning loco may well end up with a lined paint job, or just completely weathered down!


Yet another lifelike chassis, this 0-6-2 has a narrow loading gauge, permitting it to run on the tighter branches of the railway. This chassis has a slight wobble in reverse, so is not used for shunting, but runs well at all speeds on through traffic.


The shunter. A tiny wheel based 0-4-0 which runs well, but does not like point frogs at all. I will be fitting pick ups to the shunters wagon this loco is paired with in an attempt to enable it to run on its own through the layout, but can normally be found assisting other trains up the valley, or sat looking pretty outside the loco fitters shop.


The more interesting locomotives are still to be delivered, ranging from 2-8-8-2 cab first tender engines, to 0-8-8-0 garratt locomotives, as well as the tank version of the Barclay 0-6-0 which is nor available from Paul Windle from his catalogue. I believe there are also some larger tank engines on route to the line, but I do tend to forget!









This is the original 2-8-8-2 cab forward North British design, built for use in quarry situations where the curves are very sharp, and the embankments are steep enough to prevent viewing round the apex of the corners. This is built around a rivarossi chassis by Paul Windle. looking at the size of the cab it will be possible to fit a full crew, and relief crew, and still have plenty of space!









2-8-8-2 North British Cab Forward Mallet. This is the rebuilt version of the original cab forward, with a rebuilt firebox, improved injectors, and a larger capacity tender. Built on a Rivarossi Big Boy chassis, this engine weighs a tonne, and is powered on all 16 driving wheels. A Paul Windle Special that is certainly an unusual engine to look at, and involves the head-shunts needing to be lengthened!









Above is the latest Barclay Tank, running on a Roco 0-6-0 pre-chipped chassis, this loco features the golden ocre body colour, a colour I am particularly fond of. This colour may well end up featuring on many future locomotives for this line, as it is a real splash of colour against the Yorkshire hills it will be running through! This locomotive is nor available from Paul Windle from his catalogue, and with its excelent performance and striking colours has swiftly become a firm favourite to be the shunting loco based on the front of the layout at all times!









This large tank engine is a North British 4-8-2 Tank, based around the bachmann chassis, which is readily available both new and second hand. This chassis improves with running, and the loco body is a very striking freight engine, found happily hauling the mid-day freight up and down the line.










This tram locomotive was picked up second hand from the 009 members sale stand, and I don’t really have any information about it, although it runs nicely and is built to the narrower gauge for the line, allowing it to marshal quarry trains in small spaces very well.


Currently under design is a 2ft version of the Avonside geared locomotive, similar to Owl on the Kirkless light railway, which will be available as a kit as soon as the components have been tested.


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